UPDATE:  The CDC eviction moratorium has ended.  Read our FAQ to learn more and find resources.

In a typical year, landlords file
3.7 million
eviction cases.

The Eviction Lab at Princeton University creates data, interactive tools, and research to help neighbors and policymakers understand the eviction crisis.

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Interactive Tools

Explore nationwide eviction data spanning the years 2000-2016. View maps and charts, download reports, and more.

Map & Data

Learn about the American housing crisis by interacting with a customizable map.

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Eviction Rankings

See which cities rank the highest in evictions in the US.

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COVID-19 Resources

Understand changes to landlord-tenant law and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected renters across the country. Find resources to help if you are facing eviction.

Eviction Tracking System

See up-to-date maps, charts and data on eviction filings in select cities.

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Housing Policy Scorecard

See the protections your state provides, and how it ranks nationally.

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Policies Database

Use our interactive table to get the latest on local, state, and federal policies.

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Just Shelter

See our list of over 700 organizations that offer housing assistance, legal aid, and more.

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