Eviction Lab updatesApril 18, 2018

"Evicted" Takes Form in New Museum Exhibit

  • The Eviction Lab
  • Princeton University

First there was the book Evicted, with its heartbreaking stories of families and individuals struggling to maintain stable shelter. Next came the release of The Eviction Lab’s database, revealing the often-surprising scale and span of the eviction crisis. Now eviction and its consequences are explored in a 3-dimensional, immersive presentation at The National Building Museum’s Evicted exhibition.

The exhibit offers photographic and video profiles of two families threatened with eviction, along with tactile infographics and artifacts of the process of a forced move, such as belongings piled on a pallet and wrapped in plastic for storage. The Eviction Lab’s map is also accessible to visitors via touchscreens, so they can explore the impact of the problem in locations of their choice.


Photo by James Minton

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