Eviction Lab updates April 17, 2018

Eviction Lab Media Coverage Roundup

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  • Princeton University

During The Eviction Lab’s first week online, we were encouraged to see interest in our dataset and website—and the eviction epidemic it reveals—from a number of major national media outlets.

The New York Times profiled Richmond, VA (#2 in our Eviction Rankings) to demonstrate the effect of its staggering eviction numbers on residents of one city. NPR’s Fresh Air interviewed Matthew Desmond about both the Lab’s work, and the experience of writing Evicted. Curbed dedicated an article to the pervasive scope of the crisis nationwide.

Equally remarkable, however, has been the local media coverage of eviction rates in cities across the country. In Richmond, it has been an ongoing story. News outlets in Arizona, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and more have all used Eviction Lab data to reckon with the problem their area.

Other mentions:

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