The Eviction Lab
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"Evicted" Takes Form in New Museum Exhibit

First there was the book Evicted, with its heartbreaking stories of families and individuals struggling to maintain stable shelter. Next came the release of The Eviction Lab’s database, revealing the often-surprising scale and span of the eviction crisis. Now eviction and its consequences are explored in a 3-dimensional, immersive presentation at The National Building Museum’s Evicted exhibition.

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Matthew Desmond
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Welcome to the Eviction Lab. Let’s Get to Work!

Imagine if we didn’t know how many Americans were incarcerated each year or how many dropped out of high school, got divorced, or lost their job. If we don’t know how big a problem something is, where it is happening, or how many families are touched by it, then how can we begin the critical work of finding solutions?

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Katie Krywokulski
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The Eviction Lab Teacher's Guide can be a resource for teachers working with students on data analysis, public policy, social studies, and more. Students in service organizations or those who act as representatives to local governing bodies may also benefit from learning about housing issues in their community. We would love to hear from teachers who use evictionlab.

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