Missouri never implemented a state-wide eviction moratorium, though a number of counties did establish protections for renters. Filings fell early in the pandemic, but increased steadily over the course of 2020.

In most locations that we track, we are able to access eviction filing records shortly after they are filed with the courts. In Missouri, however, these records are only available with a delay. We update this page with the most recent data that we have available. The past month reported here is the most recent month for which we have data.

Additional information is available on eviction filing patterns in St. Louis and Kansas City.

  1. Data on renter population and median rent drawn from the American Community Survey (ACS). Details of the eviction process from the LSC Eviction Laws Database.

Filing Counts Last updated:

Filing Rates Over the Past Year

Trends in eviction filings

This plot shows monthly eviction filings in Missouri over the last year. Filings are displayed relative to the pre-pandemic average for the same set of months. You can toggle the plot to display filing counts and to extend the time frame back to January 2020.1 2

  1. Average eviction filings taken from Missouri state court microdata for 2012–2015.
  2. Filing data for 2020 onward collected by January Advisors.

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Eviction filings by defendant race/ethnicity and gender

There are often large racial/ethnic and gender disparities in eviction risk. Here, we estimate the demographic characteristics of those filed against for eviction over the last year. We compare to data from the ACS that show the share of renters in the same categories.1

Share of eviction filings

Share of renters


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  • Statistics rely on imputation of race/ethnicity and gender based on defendant names and addresses. We refer to “gender” throughout while acknowledging necessarily limitations of the imputation process and its inability to capture important subtleties in individuals’ gender identification. A complete description of this process can be found in the ETS methods page. ACS data are from 2015-2019 five-year estimates.

The geography of eviction filings

Missouri is divided into 115 counties and county-equivalents. In each, we map the number of eviction filings over the last year. If you toggle below you can see these numbers as eviction filing rates—the number of eviction filings divided by the number of renter households in the county—or compared to the typical number of filings in the average year.1 2

  1. Eviction filing data for Missouri from 2020 onward were collected by January Advisors. Historical data taken from Missouri state court microdata for 2012–2015.
  2. County breakdown of renter race/ethnicity determined using American Community Survey (ACS) estimates for 2015–2019.

On map, we also plot the location of the top 100 eviction hotspots in the county (see above). Hover over the circles to see more information about filings from these locations.3

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